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One life one skin. Skintech produce powerful performing Skincare products with active ingredients to encourage cell turnover, repair and protection.
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Here at The Cosmetic Practice we are all about providing our customers with the very best in professional skincare and cosmetic products from clinically proven brands such as SkinTech. Take a look through our collection boasting the latest technology and see how you can maintain balanced skin today.

SkinTech is a brand for skin regeneration. It is used to treat fine lines, photo-aging, teenagers skin problems, acne scars, pigment problems (hyperpigmentations), melasma, chloasma, keratoses, hands, forearms, stretch marks, “age spots”, and much more. Skin Tech is composed of a large number of creams especially formulated to help and protect the skin in the process of its regeneration during and after peeling treatment. One of the latest Skin Tech’s creations is a daily care cream which is indicated to the local fat tissues augmentation. Atrofillin is not only to refill the subcutaneous tissue by increasing fat accumulation in adipocytes, but also to make the appearance of skin tissues uniform and to remove the lentigine of lipofuscin.

The goal at Skintech is to create powerful performing products with active ingredients to encourage cell turnover, repair and protection. The Skin Tech skincare range includes advanced suncare products and solutions for acne, pigmentation, anti aging, and daily skincare protection, both pre and post treatment products are available. Skintech is suitable for oily, dry, sensitive, mature and damaged skin, for men and for women. Their products are developed through clinical research, producing real results. Being always on the point of a research breakthrough and always offering more performing products has allowed Skin Tech to be recognized in every continent.

At the cosmetic practice, we offer a great range of SkinTech products such as cleansers, spot treatment, day creams, night creams, sun protection and moisturisers. A popular product is Skintech Purifying Cream, a light evening moisturiser suitable for oily and combination skin. Skintech Purifying cream is astonishing in its effectiveness in ridding the skin of toxins due to adolescent or mature hormonal imbalances and avoids recurrences thanks to glycolic acid. The antioxidant formula fights free radicals and involves regular exfoliation.