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Lip Products

The best lip products at the cosmetic practice. Lipsticks, lip glosses, lip pencils, lip balms and lip plumpers suitable for all skin types and conditions.
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Your lips are one of your most important facial features. That’s why you need good lip products to take care of them. Your lips are always in the focus of attention. You use them to communicate, eat and show affection. Lip products can enhance your lips and make them stand out. By taking good care you your lips using a variety of different lip products you can make sure that your lips are always shiny, plump and moisturised. By getting the right lip products you can have the lips and smile that supermodels pay lots of money to plastic surgeons to achieve. Try our 5 star rated Medik8 Pretox Pout Lip Boost Serum at a fraction of the cost!!

By taking good care of your lips using quality lip products you can make sure you always look your best and catch the eyes of everyone around you. A good tip to take care of your lips is to brush your lips with a soft tooth brush. This will remove any dead skin cells on your lips. You should then moisturise your lips with lip products such as a quality lip balm such as Glominerals lip balm

You should always condition your lips with lip products and keep them in kissing condition! Lips are prone to cracking and dryness. The cause of this is the fact that your lips are very thin and they lack in the glands that produce the natural oils and moisture. You should always protect your lips form the elements. The best way to do this is to use lip products such as Vaseline or lip balm. Our best tip is to avoid such lip products which contain perfume or scented flavoured lip balms. These are ok if your lips are in normal condition but these lip products can irritate the skin especially if you have dry chapped sore lips. Chapped lips can be painful so you should do your best to avoid getting chapped lips at all costs.

At The Cosmetic Practice we have a range of different lip products that you can use. Whatever your need there will be a lip product to suit you. We have lip products such as lip balms, lipsticks, lip plumpers such as Jane Iredale which also exfoliates, lip conditioners and lip crayons just to mention a few! Order yours today and sign up for our newsletter for all our offers and latest news.