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The Cosmetic Practice stocks a huge range of make up and cosmetic that can be ordered online today - a range of professional mineral make up, foundations, brands like Jane Iredale, Exuviance, Mineralogie and Lycogel.

There are thousands of different makeup products on sale and the art is finding the right ones. We women like to impress others and sometimes even like to look good just for ourselves. Whatever the reason The Cosmetics Practice has the right combination of makeup for any occasion.

The majority of women have a box full of makeup, most of it old and barely used. Choosing the right makeup for your skin is essential and it is important to get it right. When you use makeup you should follow some basic guidelines. Firstly you should throw out your foundation after three months. The oils in the makeup can go bad and smell rancid makeup artists suggest. Powder makeups tend to last a lot longer, this also goes for eye shadows however you should still throw them away after a year.

Another good tip when it comes to makeup is to keep your look/style fresh. By this we recommend that you should make little changes to your make-up every few months. This will keep your look fashionable and noticeable. You don’t have to change your look completely but maybe a slight change of colours or maybe even a change to the texture of the makeup. For example you could change a sparkly eye shadow for a chalkier one. This is not a huge dramatic change however it will not go unnoticed.

When picking your makeup it is important that you choose a food foundation. Good foundation is the key to getting you makeup just right. It is important that you do not use too much foundation. Using too much foundation stands out like a saw thumb and your makeup could look awful. Getting your makeup to look professional is about finding the correct balance.

You can hide pimples with a concealer or a red neutraliser. These types of makeup are used to cover blemishes or red spots on the skin. This makeup is imperative if you have got a date and a pimple has just shown up!

You should not substitute foundation makeup with concealer makeup just dab a bit of concealer where needed. As mentioned earlier they are thousands of different makeup to choose from and The Cosmetic Practice supply’s the best makeup available online! We supply a range of high end make up brands like Jane Iredale, Exuviance Skin Caring Foundation and Lycogel. We only sell the best ranges of mineral make up which are suitable post procedure and for all skin types.

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